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Anti-Franchise Massage School

Bodymechanics Institute is the Anti-Franchise Massage School.

What does Anti-Franchise Massage School mean exactly?

During the American Massage Therapy Association convention in California in September, 2017 our booth hadAnti Franchise Massage School a huge display saying “Anti Franchise.”  It was interesting to see the reaction of some people who either loved it or hated it.  At the very least, saying “Anti Franchise” opened the door for conversation.

One gentleman thought I was against all franchise businesses.  He owned a Massage Envy.  He wouldn’t stop and talk with me at all.

Several people stopped and saw the message and said “now you have to tell me more” because they didn’t like franchise massage businesses.

My motive for saying Anti Franchise Massage School was not to antagonize franchise businesses.  Quite the opposite.  It is truly born out of a desire to sell a product that is NOT franchise based.  That’s it.

I am not selling a franchise business.

As the convention continued over three days, people who walked by the booth earlier heard the message and finally stopped to ask questions about what our booth was about and what we were proposing.  Finally, a door was cracked and our message began to get out to participants.

The large franchise schools have taken over most markets in the United States.  They are mass producing an ill-prepared massage therapist who struggles to pass the MBLEX, and who (if they are able to pass the exam) is encouraged to work for the large franchise chains.  Again, I have nothing against the franchise model.

I look more at the franchise school model and at how they are failing those who have a strong desire to help people.  Large class sizes make it difficult for most students to learn.  Teacher to student ratio is not optimum for garnering skills necessary to excel in massage therapy.  Business classes that barely cover the basics of running a successful massage therapy practice leaves graduates with little choice but to seek employment where they can.

My desire to develop a massage school program was born out of a wish to change the status quo.  You see, I love massage therapy and I love helping people feel better.  When Massage therapist hand injuryI suffered a traumatic finger amputation in 2013 it forced me to change how I worked.  I already owned a very successful massage therapy school in Olympia, WA.  At the time, I was focused on the school and my successful private practice.  I was massaging between 25-30 clients each week, while running the school.

After the injury, I was forced to change my focus.  I decided to help more people learn massage (so that more people can be helped) by creating a program that would help massage therapists around the country open their own massage school.

So, that’s just what I did.  I created a program that walks people just like you (if you’re reading this far, you are interested) open their own massage school.  I offer the curriculum, the policies and procedures, the manuals, the lecture notes, handouts, and general operating procedures to you.  Then I walk you through the process to get your school approved in your state.

After it is approved, I’m there for you as a mentor.  Here to help you when you need it.  After all, my 10+ years experience as a school owner with 2 school campuses will help guide you.  I’ll share what has worked and what hasn’t as I’ve built a very successful massage school program.

And because it is an Anti-Franchise Massage School, after the initial investment is paid, you keep your money, you operate your school as you see fit, and you decide everything – colors, logo, equipment, and school layout.

Read on to see what we can do to help guide you…

Our Unique School Opportunity Helps You Get Started

Massage therapy is a service based industry so it’s important to us that our school owners get the support they need as they open their massage school.

Bodymechanics Institute will guide you through the process of getting approved in your State to provide massage therapy education.  The curriculum is flexible and as such we can develop a program to meet your State needs – whether it is 700 hours up to 1000 hours.

We offer done-for-you curriculum. This includes lecture notes, power point presentations, student handouts, quizzes and exams that you can use to educate students attending your school.  We offer customizable student handbooks, course catalog, operations manual and policies and procedures.

Rest easy knowing that your school will be set up with students success in mind.

With Bodymechanics Institute offering a complete package of services, you now have the ability of getting started in a quick and cost effective way.  Your due diligence on the offering will support this claim.

Massage school owners have several common passions: massage, being their own boss, desire to help others realize their goals for massage therapy and helping others to feel better.

The Bodymechanics Institute offers a system to help you attain all you want from your business and to help you live the life you’ve dreamed about. This opportunity is available for anyone from the first-time entrepreneur looking for a great opportunity to the experienced massage therapist. Our system will empower you to own and operate your own school and be part of the next generation massage therapists’ success. 

We believe with a basic owner operated facility, you can realize a substantial yearly profit, but live a life style that is rich in community spirit and life changing .  Of course this all depends on YOU!
Our old saying: “He who does, gets” will apply here.
Hard work pays off.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.
You should be willing to put in the effort to reap the rewards.

If you are interested in more information, simply fill in the form below and let’s talk!
I’m honored to help you get started.