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How Valerie Smothers Fulfilled her Dream to Open a Massage School

Opening your own massage school is a daunting task. It takes time, money, planning, and a thorough understanding of the subject at hand. But anything worthwhile is worth the sacrifice. When I asked Valerie Smothers, LMT, why she decided to open a massage school, there was a heaviness about her answer – she wanted to give back to the profession that had given her so much and teach others to see massage therapy as a respectful profession. 

Open a Massage School

Val knew she wanted to open a massage school – but had no idea of where or how to start.  She came across Bodymechanics Institute and had a conversation on the phone with owner Shari Aldrich. That followed with an in person meeting at the 2019 AMTA National Convention. Val decided that having a team help her launch her school so she didn’t have to do it alone just made sense.

Bodymechanics Institute walked her through the process – from curriculum to licensure. Her onboarding included a visit to the Tumwater campus of Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage and seeing the school in action helped her visualize how she wanted her school to operate.

I made sacrifices to make this dream happen. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that you put into starting a school. I was fortunate to start out with a great foundation and have since blossomed and made it my own.” 

When Valerie decided to take that leap of faith and open a massage school, there was only one other school in the area, and it did not live up to the standards that the massage therapy profession deserved. 

Valerie had been practicing as a massage therapist for 20 years before she decided to open her massage school at the age of 47. 

I had been told my entire massage career that I should open a massage school. I really did have a love for teaching, so it just made sense.” 

Before Valerie took that leap, she started volunteering at the American Massage Therapy Association, so that she could gain more education about the massage profession. Valerie knew that if she was ever going to make it as a teacher and a massage school owner, she needed to surround herself with people who have a lot of experience and expertise in that area.

Being a part of the AMTA also helped Val understand how massage therapy is taught in other parts of the country, especially in the bigger cities. The more time Valerie spent with others in the massage profession, the more she was called to open a school in her hometown in rural Kentucky. 

There are still problems with massage therapy having a bad reputation and not being looked at as a respectful profession. The downfall has always started with the schools because they are the foundation of the industry. If I wanted to ensure that the industry continues to produce excellent massage therapists, I had to do something about it.” 

Val’s lightbulb moment to open a massage school

Valerie had been ruminating over opening a massage school for a while now, but her lightbulb moment really happened when she was working on a client. While she was in her massage session, she asked herself “what if someone who was not properly educated wants to open up a massage school, because they see it as a profit-making machine rather than a respectful profession?” Valerie also noticed some red flags going on in the profession in her area. 

“When people in the industry would say that they give a great back rub, I knew something needed to change. How are we going to be respected as a health care professional if we do not use the same terminology as other health care professionals? When we speak the same language as doctors, physical therapist, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and stay current with the profession, we will be seen and given the respect we deserve as a profession worthy of the title. Saying that we give a great back rub is looking down on the profession.” 

Valerie also noticed that the schools in the area were not living up to the standards that should be set by the industry. That is why Valerie decided that she did not want to buy a school from someone but wanted to create her own from scratch.

I am a one-man band; I teach all the classes and do all the marketing myself. I was 47 when I started the school in August 2019. I felt excitement, stress, anxiety, relief.”

Her school launched with two students in the day class and one student in the evening class, but Val brought ingenuity to the classroom and involved the community by creating her “Palpation Peeps” program. In March 2020 the pandemic started and she had to make some major pivots. Palpation Prep closed to in person education but she was able to continue with classes online.

16 weeks of zoom school ensued until they were able to resume normal classes. Curing the shut-down, Val and her students would meet in person on occasion to review the stuff missed while online. “It was a process, but we made it work.”

Val says: “I was proud of my accomplishments but stressed about all the time and money I had put into it. However, I did not want to give up. It is my goal to have excellent, well-educated massage therapists in every community. They need to be accessible to people when they need them. I want my school to become the hub of the community; a place where people in the industry can come to take CE classes and learn and grow as a profession.”

Three years later, Valerie has expanded her class size and has students interested in becoming teachers. 

Shari Aldrich says this “Val is incredibly determined and resourceful as a massage school owner. During the pandemic, Val and her students joined with Bodymechanics School on a couple of occasions on Zoom for ethics classes to take part in a larger discussion. I’ve seen her attend several national conventions – she’s always interested in growing and learning, which makes her the ideal leader.”

We are beyond proud of Val and what she is building in Kentucky!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can open a massage school, just reach out and we can discuss our full program. Call 360-350-0015 for more information, or click here to read more.

By Melissa Robbins, LMT

Your Massage School – Gateway To Your Bigger Future

Every week, I talk to numerous massage therapists who dream of opening a massage school. They want to step up and make a change in their community, but are afraid to take the steps necessary to make it happen. If your dream is to open your massage school – a gateway to your bigger future, read on.

I’ve talked with hundreds of massage therapists and chiropractors over the years, who dream of opening their own massage school. Many talk about a burning desire to open their school; to help their community by educating top massage therapists. Yet, they don’t do it…

Many stop short of reaching for their dreams. They stop for a number of reasons: financial, capabilities, confidence, imposter syndrome, lack of clarity, lack of a plan, fear of failure and fear of success. I’m sure there are more reasons…

But what if there was a way to overcome this and open your massage school and create the gateway to your bigger future?

How to Open a Massage School

Somewhere, someone is waiting for you to be their hero. Seriously, someone is waiting. They’ve researched schools in their area – and maybe they are too far away, have a poor reputation, are too expensive, etc.

They themselves let their dreams die.

Think about it – if you opened a massage school, you’d be their hero because your school would enable them to reach their dreams.
Not all heroes wear capes. You might not think of yourself as a hero, but every time you help someone (by opening your massage school), you’re benefitting people and making their lives better in some way. You’re enabling them to reach their dreams.

Ask yourself: “Who do you want to be a hero to?”

Right now, in your city, county and state, someone is waiting for you to be their hero by opening your massage school.

The “how to open a massage school” begins with you committing to do it – to open your massage school and create your bigger future. From there, it’s creating the roadmap to where you want to go.

Where you want to go starts with thinking about who you want to be a hero to – students, community, family, clients and so on.
From there, there’s a lot of things to consider:

  • Research your state regulations
  • Begin your state application process
  • Create standard operating procedures
  • Create policies and procedures
  • Create your curriculum
  • Research equipment, books, training instructors, branding and marketing
  • Create all school forms, marketing material, and so on
  • Submit application to your state
  • Complete any deficiencies to application
  • Do it all while managing your life / work balance

What is the Bodymechanics System?

That list above is intimidating. It should be. Owning and operating a vocational school is a BIG DEAL. That’s why we created the Bodymechanics business-in-a-box system – to help cut the time drastically to opening a massage school. Our goal is to guide and support others through the process and help them grow their capabilities as a massage school owner.

We look at this from 5 pillars:

  • Confidence – gained while helping others begin their journey as a massage therapist.
  • Growth – gained while understanding the steps necessary for you to step into your dreams and making them a reality
  • Success – their career success is your career success
  • Clarity – gained from knowing that you are enabling other people’s improvement and growth.
  • Achievement – gained through community support by referring students to your school, receiving compliments on the quality of your program and realizing you’ve reached the gateway to your bigger future.

You’re not alone

Your Massage School
Your massage school awaits – imagine helping students learn and help your community.

Our business-in-a-box system is designed to help you launch your massage school with a team, not by yourself. Most are unsure of HOW TO START to open their massage school. We’ve done it now multiple times, and have a system to help and train you so that you’re not alone.

Working on this dream for 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years is too long. And the people in your community won’t reach their dreams either. Being a hero is going to require you take a leap and just get started. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

Next steps?
Let’s talk and see how we can help you be someone’s hero by creating more excitement, growth opportunities, creativity, and motivation.

You can also check out our school at www.bodymechanics-school.com. Owned at operated by Shari Aldrich, LMT since 2010

Requirements to Open a Massage School

Understanding the requirements to open a massage school can be difficult to figure out. I speak with massage therapists weekly who are frustrated with navigating their state licensing boards to figure out all of the requirements to open a massage school.

I think it’s exciting that there are so many massage therapists who are interested in opening a massage school! The way I look at it is that in the years between 2011 and today, hundreds of massage schools have closed – yet still hundreds of massage therapists have reached out in the last year asking for information on how to open a massage school.

We are definitely a profession filled with passionate people who care about improving the quality of massage education!

Anti Franchise Massage School
AMTA National Convention 2019 – Indianapolis

In 2019, my team attended the AMTA National Convention in Indianapolis where we had over 60 people sign up for information on how to open a massage school using our done-for-you system. That is encouraging.

** UPDATE ***

COVID-19 has created a greater burden to the massage industry. Massage schools closed around the country. Those that stayed open saw decreased admissions for several years. This slow-down created an increase in demand for massage therapists in nearly every city in the US.

Quite frankly, we cannot currently keep up with the demand for massage therapists.

Perhaps you have felt the pinch yourself. From franchise owners to small clinics, the demand is there from clients seeking massage yet there aren’t enough LMTs to keep up with the demand. I am talking to LMTs daily who realize their city needs a massage school.

I can certainly understand! After I graduated from massage school in 2006, I began traveling the country helping teach CE classes. I saw firsthand the lack of knowledge by LMTs around pathologies, and how to treat conditions that we commonly face as a massage therapist – such as whiplash and shoulder pain and dysfunction.
These are conditions I learned to treat while still a student in school!

What I saw around the country is precisely why I bought my massage school in 2010 and why I am committed today to help solve this problem by helping passionate massage therapists open their own massage school.

Challenges to opening a massage school

There are challenges to opening a massage school that may stop many therapists from moving forward on their dreams.

  • Financial
  • Obtaining state approval
  • Curriculum
  • Hiring / training instructors
  • Finding a school location
  • Recruiting students
  • Building the schedule
  • Doing it all while working

For many massage therapists, these challenges are enough to have them set their goals aside for years – silently dreaming of opening their own massage school.

I spoke with a massage therapist in Mississippi recently who has dreamt of opening a massage school for more than 10 years! That’s a long time to hold on to a dream…. Her challenges included many of the bullet points above.

Franchise massage school

We are NOT a franchise massage school. In fact, I call us the “anti-franchise massage school.” Many of my entrepreneur friends and mentors have pressured me to create a franchise massage school – but I am 100% against a franchise program.

Primarily, my goal is to HELP massage therapists reach their goals with their own school, that we help them open and then step back into a mentorship role. (See more of my story here –> http://bit.ly/ShariAldrich)

The problem I see with the franchise school model is that it doesn’t allow the owner the flexibility to create a program that they feel is needed in their area. Franchisees are required to “follow the program.” And that is precisely the problem with many massage programs in the US that were designed with a corporate feel and mass producing mediocre massage therapists.

The Bodymechanics System will help with requirements to open a massage school

The Bodymechanics business-in-a-box system is designed to help massage therapists build their program – with a jump start using our system. We start with a base 700-hour program that incorporates the requirements of each state licensing programs. We train owners how to operate their school (see more here), and then over time, owners feel confident to begin tweaking the program as they see fit.

This is NOT a one-size fits all approach.

Take Valerie Smothers, LMT as an example. Val lives in Benton, Kentucky where there is another massage school in her community. Over the years, Val has felt a need to have another school to give her community options. She has also felt that her school would be based on a medical approach to massage, where the other school does not.

This fills a need in her community to meet the needs of interested students.

Val used the Bodymechanics system to do/help with the following:

  • complete the application to the 2 state organizations in Kentucky
  • build school documents (operating manuals, catalogs)
  • recruit students
  • design her school
  • implement school curriculum and schedule
  • purchase school equipment
  • hire and train staff
  • design school marketing material
  • and more

Now that she has opened her doors, our relationship has changed to mentoring. We have weekly check in phone calls. We spent a day together at the AMTA National Convention masterminding growth strategies for her school.

How to afford a massage school

There are certainly expenses to cover when you choose to open a massage school – and it’s not cheap. Yet the rewards are worth every penny spent when you realize the value you are bringing to your community with each class you graduate.

There is a lot to consider financially with opening a massage school, such as purchasing massage equipment; office equipment and supplies; leasing a space; hiring and training staff; state fees; and so on.

The intangible expense is going to come with lost time and earnings while you do everything on your own – creating the curriculum, applying to the state, developing school collateral (such as catalogs, contracts, employee handbook and so on) – all while navigating state requirements.

Our program is designed to ease the burden, and cut the process time exponentially. It’s done for you – and we manage the process which allows you to focus on YOU.

Our fees are all inclusive – and we walk you through the process and mentor you using our 12+ years of experience as owning a massage school.

If you are interested in more information on the requirements to open a massage school, let’s hop on a zoom. My mission is to help you launch your school and I am committed to your goals. Call 360-350-0015 to schedule your zoom call.

Shari Aldrich, LMT
Bodymechanics Institute

WANTED: Dedicated Massage School Owners

We are looking for dedicated massage school owners who are ready to bring excellence back to massage school education by opening a massage school.

Last week, my team was at the AMTA National Convention in Indianapolis and we met with countless massage therapists who all had the SAME concerns: the quality of education for massage therapists has slipped over the years and their city is in desperate need of a quality massage school. The need is so high that we are putting out the call to find dedicated massage school owners who are ready to get started and improve the quality of massage education in their city.

In fact, there were so many concerns that we were approached my twice as many people as the convention last year in Washington DC.

Our done-for-you massage school system makes opening a massage school easy. Nearly everything is completely done for those who move forward, and it’s provided by a massage therapist with 10 years of experience owning not just 1 but 2 massage school campuses.

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2006, graduating from Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage in Olympia Washington.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Washington State is considered a leader in the massage industry. What I did know was that I needed to make a change in my life, that I never wanted another boss and I needed a salary that would allow my family to continue living at the level we were accustomed to…
I trusted Bodymechanics School to provide me with the tools I needed to meet my goals.

I’ve experienced a lot of difficulties over the years, and making a change to massage therapy was the BEST thing I could have ever done. I graduated in 2006 and bought Bodymechanics School in 2010 when the owner closed the school due to the economy.

Today, students enrolled in massage schools have been let down on the same promise for excellence I received in 2006. They feel unprepared for the demands of the career and dissatisfaction with the profession has grown.

It’s time to change the system. My done-for-you program is designed to help LMTs succeed as massage school owners and raise the quality of education.

Shari Aldrich, LMT –
President Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage

Shari has experienced moments where she HAD to push through some very hard stuff and grow personally and professionally.

This program was created by a massage therapist, for massage therapists to help them open their own massage school to bring excellence back to massage education.

Demand for high-quality massage therapists has never been higher in this country. Massage school owners have an opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing professions, year after year, in the US. As the need grows, the demand for qualified massage therapists will continue to grow. At Bodymechanics Institute, we recognize this important need – and we’ve developed a done-for-you system that will help you quickly open your own massage school using a tried and true program offering full support through the process with our team of experts.

This is NOT a franchise

In fact, I call it the “anti-franchise” program. It’s a program for you to utilize that will help you quickly start your own massage school. Why is this important? The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the growing need for massage therapists:

Bureau of Labor Statistics says:
Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 22 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Continued growth in the demand for massage services will lead to new opportunities for school ownership.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Massage Therapist

Additionally, there has been a significant decrease in the number of massage schools over the past decade.  Many small, proprietary schools closed during the recession in the US between 2008-2011 unable to finance student tuition payments.  Larger for-profit schools swooped in and began offering financial aid programs, further contributing to the smaller school closures who couldn’t offer the same programs due to high cost.  

Most massage therapists know the challenges that the large for-profit schools brought to the massage industry.  

Relationships were built with the larger massage chains due to the demands of the federal financial aid programs that demanded schools show job placement.  This scenario created a massage school mill, graduating therapists who were not well prepared for the demands of the career.  Further complicating the problem was the promise of salary earnings fell short.  LMTs were working many hours and not earning a livable wage.

Dissatisfaction over the past few years has grown.

This model has further proven to be a challenge as the larger, for-profit schools has largely fallen on the promise to graduate therapists who could pass national certification exams and who then defaulted on student loans.  Today, we are witnessing the Department of Education closing several of the large, for-profit schools for these reasons.

But…. there has been a positive outcome in that the public is asking (demanding) massage therapy to be included in their healthcare.  They are beginning to understand the benefits.

According to the AMTA, approximately 18% of the US population has discussed massage therapy with their physicians, and of those nearly 60% were referred out to a massage therapist.  

This has led to the perfect scenario for YOU to share your passion for massage by opening your massage school.  A decrease in the number of massage schools, large for-profit schools folding and an increasing amount of the US population asking their healthcare provider for massage therapy.  
Frankly put, we cannot keep up with demand.

WANTED: Dedicated Massage School Owners

We want to work with dedicated massage therapists who are ready to fill a need in their community by opening a massage school.

Is this you?

Let’s hop on a call and discuss options and see if our program is a good fit for you. Simply fill out this form and include your phone number to get started.

    Shari Aldrich, LMT

    Open a Massage School with Confidence

    I talk to people every day who express an interest in opening their own massage school – but they are held back by fear. Their reasons for wanting their own massage school are many: passion for teaching; their city needs a new/better massage school; they are ready for the next career progression; they need a better retirement plan and so on. All good reasons. I want to help dispel the fear – and help you open a massage school with confidence.

    When I came up with the idea to help massage therapists open their own massage school, I knew it was a great idea. However, I was also led by fear and let others opinions of me and my program sway my thinking and I held off on launching a great program.

    Overcoming Fear of Failure

    Over the years, I’ve been able to let go of the fear which I now understood to be Imposter Syndrome –> I wasn’t good enough and my program wasn’t worthy. Oh boy, those thoughts can just stop you in your tracks!

    After I healed from my traumatic finger amputation which virtually ended my massage career, I knew my plan WAS worthy and that I did have a pathway to helping massage therapists open their own massage school.

    So what changed?

    Simply put, ME.

    Over the years, I’ve participated in many high level mastermind groups. I’ve surrounded myself with top level entrepreneurs and I’ve learned from the best. As I shared my plans, I realized that what I am offering IS worthy and that I am not an imposter. I am creating an army of people who can help 1 million people get out of pain – and I’m doing this through many programs I’ve developed over the years.

    Gene and Roy from California. Our first massage massage school owners helped during their on-site training in Olympia WA.

    California, Kentucky and Washington States on board

    I’ve since signed on massage school owners in California, Kentucky and Washington State. It’s exciting to help them launch their dream massage school to help people in their communities learn massage therapy. We were able to help them open a massage school with confidence.

    Our done-for-you program includes EVERYTHING needed to open a massage school. We complete the application to your state, we provide curriculum (lecture notes, power points, lesson plans, quizzes and exams), we create policies and procedures based on your state requirements, we help create Standard Operating Procedures for your school.

    The best part is that this is NOT A FRANCHISE. Not even close. It’s also NOT a license program. It’s a business-in-a-box program that after you are up and running and feel comfortable, we back away and let you run your school as you see fit. AND we are there for you as a resource as you need over the years. We’ve been at this school ownership thing for 10 years now, and have great tips and advice for a wide variety of situations that arise from owning a school.

    You are never alone.

    As I considered the fear factor, I came up with the following thoughts:


    There are 2 scenarios – where do you fall?

    1) Watching the altimeter as you leap with FEAR clogging the brain

    2) Free falling, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the beauty on the horizon.

    Here’s the thing, the more leaps we take, we become conditioned the the risk and our tolerance increases. We become accustomed to the uncomfortable feelings.

    When you decide to Take the Leap – even though you are afraid, think back to a time in your life when you had a victory and tap into the emotions you felt when you succeeded.

    Small successes flame the fire for future inspiration and help you push through the pain and misery all the way to SUCCESS.

    If you’ve considered owning your own massage school, there has NEVER been a better time. The conditions are ripe and your community needs you.

    All of these have created an certain need for more quality massage therapists who graduate from passionate school owners. The demand is there – it’s up to us to share the need and the career possibilities with our students.

    Bodymechanics Institute launched to fill a need in the market

    When I launched Bodymechanics Institute, I wanted to be clear that this is NOT A FRANCHISE or License Model. Primarily, I want LMTs to know that I want to help them open their school, get comfortable running their own school and then we step back and become a mentor as needed.

    Our done-for-you model helps you do the hard part of opening your own massage school so you can focus on what’s important to you – your professional practice and your family.

    If you want more information, send me a message or call 360.350.0015. I can’t wait to help you!

    Committed to your success-

    Shari Aldrich, LMT

    Massage School Curriculum – Done For You

    When pondering the idea of opening your own massage school, it’s likely you’ve considered the enormity of the task of writing the massage school curriculum.  “How will I ever be able to create a curriculum for my school that meets all of the state requirements… where do I even begin?”  It’s an overwhelming undertaking, and we don’t blame you for letting this be a major obstacle to pursuing your dream of becoming a massage school owner.  We get it.  It’s a big job.

    But here’s some good news: At Bodymechanics Institute, we’ve taken care of the massage school curriculum for you. You heard that right.  Seven hundred hours of curriculum – done for you.

    Our 700-hour curriculum not only prepares your students to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), but more importantly, it prepares them to be extraordinary massage therapists.  

    Our curriculum is designed to build layers of knowledge upon a solid foundation of the massage fundamentals. The courses offered in the massage program include:  1. Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathology (APP), 2. Kinesiology (KIN), 3. Massage Theory & Practice (MTP), 4. Clinical Business Practices (CBP), 5. Pathology & Treatment (PTR), and 6. Student Clinic (SCL).  

    Massage school equipment

    What’s Included?

    Our curriculum is up-to-date with current texts and practices.  Each course has its own syllabus, lesson plan, lecture notes, power points, worksheets, quizzes, and exams.  The only thing you need to do is customize it with your own school logo!

    Our team has created everything – from curriculum, to policies and procedures (that are state specific), to forms and to schedules. We share the information with you via DropBox for you to download once you are an approved school.

    But, what if I want to change it?

    We’ve thought about that too… The inevitable question: “So what happens if, three or four years from now, I’m really inspired by something new I’ve just learned, and I want to add this new knowledge to my curriculum?”  

    Are you aware that each state has its own rules as to how much of the curriculum you can alter before you are required to formally submit those changes for approval?  These are the sorts of details that we cover in your 5 days of training where you’re immersed in the behind-the-scenes goings on of an established massage school.  

    What about requirements for attendance, and how many questions a student can miss on an exam before they’re required to do a re-take?  We do this research for you and we customize your school’s policies to meet your state’s requirements.  We do all of this for you.

    Why?  Why do we do all of this for you?  Because we are committed to the massage and bodywork profession, and we are committed to your success as a massage school owner.  Preparing you for that role is our number one priority. 

    We’ve helped school owners already in Kentucky, California and Washington. We are ready to help you launch your dream massage school. Steps to get started include a simple phone call to 360-350-0015 and we can have a zero hassle, free phone call.

    Let’s talk!
    Shari Aldrich, LMT

    Open a Massage School

    Pain points SOLVED

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

    Have you ever thought about how fun, rewarding, exciting, and inspiring it would be to open a massage school?  You’ve been a massage therapist for some time now, you’ve seen the education that students are receiving at other schools, and you know that you could do it better.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about this for a while now… maybe you’ve been thinking about this for years.

    If you have thought about owning your own massage school, you’ve probably also thought about what a daunting task it would be.  There are so many things to consider, where would you even start?  

    Pain Point #1
    Like most of us, you would probably start your search by looking online.  You navigate your way to the agency in your state that approves postsecondary institutions, and then you find your way to the website for the board that oversees massage programs… and what you find is overwhelming.  You’re probably feeling pretty stressed-out just getting this far… you probably need a massage!

    Pain Point #2
    You see that you will need to apply to the postsecondary education approval agency in your state, and you’ll need to apply to your state massage board.  You’ll need operating procedures, a marketing plan, a course catalog and student handbook.  You’re wondering if you’ll need to be accredited (and what does that word ‘accredited’ mean anyway?!), you will be hiring and training instructors; and perhaps most daunting of all:  creating a quality curriculum that will meet your state’s educational requirements.

    Pain Point #3
    Those feelings of excitement and inspiration soon give way to feelings of overwhelm and defeat, and the dream stops before it has a chance to gather any potential steam to become a reality. 

    But what if you had help to open a massage school?

    What if you knew someone who could help you with all of those hurdles that currently seem so insurmountable?  What if you knew someone who has traversed that daunting terrain and has created a roadmap for you?  Bodymechanics Institute has that roadmap, and we know how to get you from the dream to the reality.  

    Pain Points Solved…. Our System
    At Bodymechanics Institute, we work with the governing agencies within your state to complete the application(s) and submit all of the required paperwork in a detailed, organized, and timely manner.  Our quality, 700-hour curriculum comes complete with lesson plans, lecture notes, power points, quizzes, exams, and syllabi – it’s all done for you!

    Once your application is submitted, you’ll join us for a five day immersion training in Tumwater WA.  You’ll get to experience first-hand all that goes on behind-the-scenes in a working massage school environment.  From enrolling students to training instructors, introductory workshops to filing reports – we cover every aspect of massage school operations so that, by day five, you’re feeling confident and ready to start enrolling students for your first class of massage students.

    We also include 32-hours of Massage Therapy Instructor training while you’re here. Bring your team of teachers and let us train you and your team on the 10 competencies every massage educator should have.

    What’s left for you to do? The honest answer is that there’s still plenty for you to do.  You’ll need to find your perfect location and design the layout for where you’re going to hold classes and clinics.  What will your office look like?  What will the view be like from your office window?  Yes, there is still plenty to do, but you’re not doing it alone.  

    PAIN POINTS Solved
    Our System

    The Bodymechanics system will help guide you through the process by:

    • A roadmap to get you from beginning to end – DONE for you
    • Standard Operating Procedures – DONE for you
    • Policies and Procedures – DONE for you
    • Curriculum – DONE for you
      • Lecture notes
      • Lesson Plans
      • Student Handouts

      • Exams
      • Quizzes
      • Etc.
    • Equipment Research – DONE for you
    • Book Research – DONE for you
    • Research your state process to open a vocational school- DONE for you
      • State, city and county rules and regulations
    • Red tape through the school credentialing process – DONE for you
    • Instructor training – DONE for you
    • Doing it alone while managing your current business or job- WE ARE HERE WITH YOU
      • You will have a point of contact person to help guide you through the process

    Let us help you through the process – you don’t have to do it alone. If your dream is to open a massage school, we are here beside you to make your dream come true.


    Massage School Owner

    If you’ve wanted to be a Massage School Owner, but have been unsure of how to get started, keep reading.

    The Bodymechanics Institute was born out of a desire to help massage therapists open their own massage school – quickly, using our done-for-you system.

    Case Study

    Valerie Smothers, LMT of Benton, Kentucky wanted to have her own massage school for years. She began her journey in massage at Sun Touch Massage School in 1999 – but received her license in 2005. Sometimes life takes you on a journey that you weren’t prepared for… but dedication and determination will always bring you back to your dream.

    Val Smothers, LMT
    Valerie Smothers, LMT

    Val has been a therapist and instructor of massage for years. She previously taught at Daymar College in Paducah, KY and it was there she realized that she loved teaching massage.

    Recognizing that her community needed a quality massage school, Val set out to make her dream a reality and opened her own massage school using Bodymechanics Institute to help with the heavy lifting while she continued to massage her clients.

    Val signed on with Bodymechanics Institute in October, 2018 and we began the process getting her application completed and sent to the Kentucky education board. While waiting for approval, our team helped her build her marketing collateral – logo, biz cards, and rack cards. She came to Tumwater WA and received training from our team.

    Agonizing months elapsed as she awaited her license to operate a massage school – with many phone calls to check the status of her application happening each week. This step is outside our control and we find ourselves at the mercy of bureaucracy and schedules.

    Once approved by the education board, her application was then sent on to the Kentucky Board of Massage where she received her license to operate a massage school shortly thereafter.

    She is set to launch – just 10 short months after she signed her contract to work with Bodymechanics!

    From Val:

    Brandi, vice chair, said it was one of the best looking, well organized applications that she has ever seen. There were NO questions just a motion to approve & she looked at me & said “you’re approved”

    Thank you so much for all that you have done so far. You really have made this a great experience.

    Committed to your success –

    Shari Aldrich, LMT
    Bodymechanics Institute

    Anti-Franchise Massage School

    Bodymechanics Institute is the Anti-Franchise Massage School.

    What does Anti-Franchise Massage School mean exactly?

    During the American Massage Therapy Association convention in California in September, 2017 our booth hadAnti Franchise Massage School a huge display saying “Anti Franchise.”  It was interesting to see the reaction of some people who either loved it or hated it.  At the very least, saying “Anti Franchise” opened the door for conversation.

    One gentleman thought I was against all franchise businesses.  He owned a Massage Envy.  He wouldn’t stop and talk with me at all.

    Several people stopped and saw the message and said “now you have to tell me more” because they didn’t like franchise massage businesses.

    My motive for saying Anti Franchise Massage School was not to antagonize franchise businesses.  Quite the opposite.  It is truly born out of a desire to sell a product that is NOT franchise based.  That’s it.

    I am not selling a franchise business.

    As the convention continued over three days, people who walked by the booth earlier heard the message and finally stopped to ask questions about what our booth was about and what we were proposing.  Finally, a door was cracked and our message began to get out to participants.

    The large franchise schools have taken over most markets in the United States.  They are mass producing an ill-prepared massage therapist who struggles to pass the MBLEX, and who (if they are able to pass the exam) is encouraged to work for the large franchise chains.  Again, I have nothing against the franchise model.

    I look more at the franchise school model and at how they are failing those who have a strong desire to help people.  Large class sizes make it difficult for most students to learn.  Teacher to student ratio is not optimum for garnering skills necessary to excel in massage therapy.  Business classes that barely cover the basics of running a successful massage therapy practice leaves graduates with little choice but to seek employment where they can.

    My desire to develop a massage school program was born out of a wish to change the status quo.  You see, I love massage therapy and I love helping people feel better.  When Massage therapist hand injuryI suffered a traumatic finger amputation in 2013 it forced me to change how I worked.  I already owned a very successful massage therapy school in Olympia, WA.  At the time, I was focused on the school and my successful private practice.  I was massaging between 25-30 clients each week, while running the school.

    After the injury, I was forced to change my focus.  I decided to help more people learn massage (so that more people can be helped) by creating a program that would help massage therapists around the country open their own massage school.

    So, that’s just what I did.  I created a program that walks people just like you (if you’re reading this far, you are interested) open their own massage school.  I offer the curriculum, the policies and procedures, the manuals, the lecture notes, handouts, and general operating procedures to you.  Then I walk you through the process to get your school approved in your state.

    After it is approved, I’m there for you as a mentor.  Here to help you when you need it.  After all, my 10+ years experience as a school owner with 2 school campuses will help guide you.  I’ll share what has worked and what hasn’t as I’ve built a very successful massage school program.

    And because it is an Anti-Franchise Massage School, after the initial investment is paid, you keep your money, you operate your school as you see fit, and you decide everything – colors, logo, equipment, and school layout.

    Read on to see what we can do to help guide you…

    Our Unique School Opportunity Helps You Get Started

    Massage therapy is a service based industry so it’s important to us that our school owners get the support they need as they open their massage school.

    Bodymechanics Institute will guide you through the process of getting approved in your State to provide massage therapy education.  The curriculum is flexible and as such we can develop a program to meet your State needs – whether it is 700 hours up to 1000 hours.

    We offer done-for-you curriculum. This includes lecture notes, power point presentations, student handouts, quizzes and exams that you can use to educate students attending your school.  We offer customizable student handbooks, course catalog, operations manual and policies and procedures.

    Rest easy knowing that your school will be set up with students success in mind.

    With Bodymechanics Institute offering a complete package of services, you now have the ability of getting started in a quick and cost effective way.  Your due diligence on the offering will support this claim.

    Massage school owners have several common passions: massage, being their own boss, desire to help others realize their goals for massage therapy and helping others to feel better.

    The Bodymechanics Institute offers a system to help you attain all you want from your business and to help you live the life you’ve dreamed about. This opportunity is available for anyone from the first-time entrepreneur looking for a great opportunity to the experienced massage therapist. Our system will empower you to own and operate your own school and be part of the next generation massage therapists’ success. 

    We believe with a basic owner operated facility, you can realize a substantial yearly profit, but live a life style that is rich in community spirit and life changing .  Of course this all depends on YOU!
    Our old saying: “He who does, gets” will apply here.
    Hard work pays off.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.
    You should be willing to put in the effort to reap the rewards.

    If you are interested in more information, simply fill in the form below and let’s talk!
    I’m honored to help you get started.

      Speed to Success

      Speed to Success

      One of my life rules is “Speed of Implementation.” 

      I first heard this term a few years ago from a mentor, and it has stuck with me ever since.  In fact, Speed of Implementation has led to some of my biggest business wins.

      To me, speed of implementation says “get Version 1.0 done and then work to fix that version and release 2.0 when it’s ready.”  Unfortunately, I’ve known many people over the years that have an idea or concept they want to develop but who get caught up in making it perfect.  They work on the idea as time allows, but never seem to finish and bring it to fruition.

      The first time I heard “perfection” was the reason for not finishing a special project that has the potential to earning someone thousands of dollars over the years, the coach said it this way:

      There are 2 Business Commandments

      1. If you have a dream, just do it. Get Version 1.0 done and launch it.  It’s scary – putting yourself out there, and sharing your dreams with the world.  But if you know of a better way to do something, or a widget you want to create, just do it.  When you have the idea and you don’t act on it, someone else might have the same idea and be first to market and you will spend your life wishing you had acted first.
      2. If in doubt, refer to the 1st

      I’ve never operated from a place of fear.  I’ve always been what I would call an “action taker.”  From jumping into Information Speed to Success with Shari AldrichTechnology (with no training) to buying my massage school when the founder closed it in 2009 during a recession.  I’m never at a shortage for ideas, and I tend to act on them fairly quickly.

      The truth is, perfection is unattainable and therefore most people don’t reach for their dream.  Perfection is a pipe dream.  As you learn more and grow, you will always be reaching for perfection – it will always be in the distance and will always be unattainable.

      As I thought about what I’m offering with our done-for-you massage school product that will help you open your own massage school, speed to success came to mind.  The Bodymechanics Institute system will quickly help those interested in opening their own massage school a system to quickly launch using the Speed of Implementation model and realize success much faster than someone waiting to make their system perfect.

      My most recent school that I opened was in Vancouver, WA – a community rocked by the closing of one of the larger national franchise schools that was closed by the Department of Education.  When I learned of the school closing, I ready to launch my program quickly – 100 miles south of my main school campus.  So, I know a little bit about getting a new project going = quickly and efficiently.

      3 months passed from the first information meeting, to opening day for the school.  In the three months I hired and trained staff, located the school campus, negotiated the lease, marketed to and interviewed students and I also took 2 international business trips and 1 in-state business trip.

      My goal was to be first in the market in Vancouver – before other schools decided to open so that I built a reputation quickly as a great school.

      We reached our goals for the first year with 2 morning and 2 evening classes starting bringing in over 30 students.

      Put another way, the recent launch in Vancouver brought an additional $222,000 in revenue to the school.

      So, how did I get my Speed to Success?

       It started for me with a dream to own more than one massage school.  I had been thinking of moving in a different direction, but when I heard of the opportunity in Vancouver I knew I had to act quickly.

      My Speed to Success Plan

      • Right team in place
      • Solid plan to launch
      • Strong marketing plan that didn’t break the bank
      • Structured curriculum that set students and the school up for success

      Right Team in Place

      Immediately, I began searching for the right mix of people and hired quality instructors.  I knew 2 local massage therapists already who helped recommend the other core instructors.  1 of the instructors previously taught at my main campus and another instructor went to the school 8 years prior (under previous ownership) – so there was some base knowledge about the program in place.    The other instructors were educated on school philosophy, lesson plans and lecture notes and school policy quickly.

      Solid Plan to Launch

      From the first meeting in December, I knew I wanted to be first in the market (get Version 1.0 done…)  I actually made the decision to launch in January, 2016.  I researched potential school locations on Craig’s List.  I also had 1 of my instructors who knew the area better than I did give me ideas on where it would be best to have the school.

      I found the space, and in early February, my realtor and I made the 100-mile trip to Vancouver and met with the landlord.  I loved the space immediately and knew it was the perfect fit for a massage school.  Centrally located to the major freeways in the area and a large, wide-open professional building.
      We negotiated and came up with the plan that would be mutually beneficial.

      The landlord allowed us to use the space earlier than the lease so that we could hold information sessions to prospective students and tell the community about our program.  Since they didn’t know about Bodymechanics School, I had to talk about our philosophy and our successful program.  They needed to hear from me – so I spent a lot of time in the community over the first few months getting the word out.

      We officially took the space on March 1, and opened our first class on March 22, 2016 with 5 students.  This was impressive for the fact that I wasn’t known in the community as a massage therapist, and my school was unknown as well.

      In July of the same year, we launched our first evening class with 10 students and we continue to grow at a fast rate.  (** The second campus is growing at a faster rate than my first school.)

      Strong marketing plan that didn’t break the bank

      The main marketing plan used was Facebook.  I did several targeted ads to the Vancouver area with a 100-mile radius and began generating interest in the program.  I spent $200 on advertising as I was on a budget from the startup expenses that included the lease, equipment, supplies, and so on.  $200 generated over $50,000 in income immediately.

      Beyond that, we held information sessions and invited the community – including massage therapists.

      I built an e-mail autoresponder series so anyone who asked for information received it quickly and then they called in with further questions.

      We answered all calls for information.
      We invited the local community to learn about us through different community events.
      We encouraged social media sharing from the students to engage a larger audience.
      We exceeded expectations with our program and the quality massages our graduates offer.

      Structured curriculum that set students and the school up for success

      Our program is designed as a layered curriculum where each class builds off the information learned the day before.  We look at our curriculum further than the state requires, but more towards student success.  This logical approach makes teaching easier and comprehension from students increased.

      Students will be massaging twice a week, APP once a week, Kinesiology once a week and business classes peppered throughout the program so that they can begin planning for their future on the first day of school.

      I had an RN graduate from my program and her words were “I was able to think of my business in nursing terms and “discharge plan” my business from day 1.”

      Successful students share their love for the program with their friends, family and social media network which helps grow the reputation of the program exponentially.


      Speed to Success is our goal with every school we are able to help open.  Using a formula that has been proven successful, we can facilitate the growth for those who are passionate about opening their own massage school.

      My goal is to help as many as I can open their own massage school quickly.  If you enjoy teaching others to love massage as much as I do, then I can’t wait to help you open your own school.

      Let’s talk soon

      Shari Aldrich, LMT