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What Bodymechanics Can Do For You

Want to Start a Massage School?

Massage school owners come from all walks of life. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, a business owner-to-be, or a massage
therapist who wants to start a massage school, read on. The Bodymechanics business model has been developed
to facilitate running a successful massage school. If you want to start a massage school, but are not sure
where to begin, consider the Bodymechanics business opportunity and see how we can help you get started.

Our Unique Opportunity Helps You Get Started

Massage therapy is a service based industry so it’s important to us that our school owners get the support they need as they build and grow their massage school. In that regard, it starts with support. You can count on our support and guidance to help you operate and manage your massage school.

Bodymechanics will guide you through the process of getting approved in your state to provide massage therapy education.
Our curriculum is flexible and as such we can develop a program to meet your needs – with our core program at 700 hours and options up to 1000 hours, and it will meet your specific state requirements.

We offer done-for-you curriculum. This includes lecture notes, power point presentations, student handouts, quizzes and exams that will be used to educate students attending your school. We offer student handbooks, course catalog, operations manual and policies and procedures – all designed to offer guidance to you, the school owner.

Rest easy knowing that your school will be set up with students success in mind.

Our Team

Our goal is to help you succeed. Your success is our success. Therefore, we want to help you as much as possible by offering
marketing resources that you can readily use to grow your school.

Because we are NOT offering a franchise, but rather an opportunity for you to build and grow your own school brand, we do not provide you with precise marketing messages.  Rather, we will help you craft your message, your story, and your vision in a way that will attract your ideal student to attend your school.

We offer you “best practices” that will guide you through how to get your school message out to your community based on our 10+ years of experience.  We’ve experienced a lot of hardship over the past 10 years – and our goal is to teach you the lessons we’ve learned so that you don’t have to go through the same challenges.

That said, we do offer help with a team that will help you and guide you as you navigate school ownership. As a recent new school owner said, our work is very professional and that is why she chose to work with Bodymechanics.  We are with you every step of the way.

Our Coaching Team

Join Shari Aldrich, Licensed Massage Therapist and school owner in Olympia WA, along with other key team members such as enrollment and campus coordinators, for on-board training at our facility when you sign on to the Bodymechanics system. Learn how to hire instructors through our process in finding the expert in each subject area. Bring your team and train with us.

As you get ready to launch, we will help you train your instructors to the curriculum and “how to be a teacher” training
in our facility and/or webinars.

Topics include:

        • The adult learner
  • Classroom management
  • How to accommodate different learning preferences
  • Expectations in teaching
  • Ethics of teaching – including professional boundaries
  • The engaging instructor – part instructor / part entertainer
  • How to teach hands-on classes
  • Evaluations
  • Expectations
  • Plus More

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