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Massage School – Express Ownership Interest

Open your own Massage Therapy School

And you could net an
extra $75,000 – $150,000 per year

Thank you for taking the time to explore massage school ownership with Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage.

Massage school owners have several common passions: massage, being their own boss, desire to help others realize their goals
for massage therapy and helping others to feel better.

The Bodymechanics School offers a system to help you attain all you want from your business and to help you live the life
you’ve dreamed about. This opportunity is available for anyone from the
first-time entrepreneur looking for a great opportunity to the experienced
massage therapist. Our system will empower you to own
and operate your own school and be part of the next generation massage
therapists’ success.

How our model is different

The Bodymechanics School believes in exceptional customer support from day one. We’re here to help guide you as you select
your school location, through marketing and lead generation, as you implement
the operational procedures, as you hire staff, as you implement systems,
and as you grow – we’re here for you.

Additionally, we believe that if we help you succeed, then we
to live our mission – which is creating exceptional massage therapists.
We offer several done-for-you services that will help you focus on servicing
your students, while adding value to your community.

Done For You Local Marketing Support

The Bodymechanics School offers a members only resource site that’s packed with marketing, lead generation and other strategies
– all desired to demonstrate to the community that your school is the
best around.

We offer many options for marketing your school, from ready to use postcards,
directed Facebook ads, sales letters, signage, email promotions and auto
responders and more. Our goal is to make your job as easy as possible
– simply log into the Bodymechanics Institute members only site for resources
and have ready access to documents that will help drive leads to your
school center.

Sales, Systems and Operational Support

Support from the HQ is more than just sales and lead generation.

We’re committed to helping you out as much as possible – from state approval
of your school to the moment you start looking for a facility. We’ll
be with you during the build-out phase to the grand opening of your own
massage school.

  • 3-day Bodymechanics Institute operational training
  • Online training and members-only web access for all things massage school
    – including build-out, marketing and systems
  • Marketing and student recruitment
  • Ongoing marketing and promotional systems – derived from multiple industry
    leaders and brought to school owners
  • Access to a full staff of dedicated coaching
  • New and fresh program and material to support new services
  • Free access to our annual 2-day world conference
  • Extensive Operations, Policies, Procedures, Lectures and Handout manuals
  • Access to proprietary database of on-line training and videos of our
    advanced massage techniques
  • Access to all lectures on-line
  • Monthly newsletters for students and potential students
  • Facebook pay-per-click ad creation crafted for you and managed based
    on your budget to increase traffic while managing cost

If you feel that Bodymechanics Institute may be a good fit for you, simply
fill out the “Expression of Interest” form below – we’d love to get to
know more about you. Our process is extensive to ensure applicants are
qualified and also fit in with our culture and beliefs.

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