Want to open your own massage school?
Unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered

You want to open a school, but you’re not the details and logistics type.

Your strengths lie in your creativity and intuition.

Our done-with-you program is built with you in mind.

Our Done-With-You Program offers everything you need to build your own massage therapy school. From researching state regulations to developing a comprehensive curriculum and course catalog, our program is designed to help you navigate every step of the process with ease. We’ll even provide you with policies, procedures, and contracts that are fully compliant with state law.

With the demand for high-quality massage therapists on the rise, there’s never been a better time to join one of the fastest-growing professions in the country.

Our done-with-you program is not a franchise – it’s an opportunity for you to leverage our expertise and start your own successful massage school. With our support and guidance, you can quickly and easily turn your dream into a reality.

I’ve heard enough, I’m ready to talk!

Are you a massage therapist who’s ready to expand your career into teaching and training? Are you passionate about quality education and committed to making a real impact in the world of massage therapy?

From our conversations with hundreds of massage therapists around the country, we know there is a massive demand for better massage education.
If you are:

  • ●  Dedicated to quality massage therapy;

  • ●  Passionate about improving the lives of people you interact with;

  • ●  Called to teach others;

  • ●  Worried about the quality of LMTs you see graduating from today’s programs;

  • ●  Seeking financial freedom and success;

  • ●  Looking for a good return on investment;

  • ●  Dreaming about owning a massage school;

  • ●  Injured and can’t massage;

  • ●  Worried about retirement;

  • ●  Looking for what’s next…

    Then this program is for you!

Associated Schools

Elite Massage School
Rooted School of Massage

With our Done-With-You Program, we'll guide you through the process of creating your own unique massage school in five easy-to-follow phases.

 Each phase is specifically designed to help you navigate every step of the process with ease and confidence.


Here is where we begin to determine what your massage school looks like, and you will begin the process of filling out all the required paperwork. Don’t worry we will be with you every step of the way and provide weekly check-ins to make sure things stay on track!


During this phase, our focus is on learning your state academic requirements and matching your curriculum to those requirements. Then, you’ll receive guidance on building your school’s marketing and branding. You’ll also receive a list of classes that make up the program. We will then make adjustments to the curriculum if desired. Once approved, you’ll move to the next phase.


Here we build your program. This includes matching our programs to the academic standards required in your state. We’ll need information on instructors, floor plans, pictures, bonds (if required), and insurance. We’ll create state-required documents – such as your catalog and enrollment agreements.


Next, schedule onsite training in Tumwater, WA with us. Receive and download your program documents. Submit your documents to the state. Celebrate!


You’ll receive ongoing mentorship and coaching from our team as your school grows, and we’ll help with overcoming any challenges you encounter. We are your ally and your help desk long-term.

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“Working with Bodymechanics Institute has helped me launch my own massage school. Their team is fabulous – we’ve communicated via phone, text, email, and Facebook. I’ve been supported the whole way and haven’t felt like I was alone at all.”
Open a Massage School
Valerie Smothers
LMT Palpation Prep – School of Massage Benton, KY

Massage school equipmentShari Aldrich is a visionary pain relief specialist and the owner of Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage. Shari teaches injury treatment, business, marketing, and communication skills at the school.
Additionally, Shari is the owner of Bodymechanics Institute, helping others launch their own massage therapy schools and empowering others to join her mission to help 1 million people get out of pain by 2025. She doesn’t just own Bodymechanics Institute, she will be on the ground level helping you build your massage school!

What Exactly You Get

The Bodymechanics Institute done-with-you system will guide you through the process with:
  • ●  An Application to your state programs – DONE for you
  • ●  Standard Operating Procedures – DONE for you
  • ●  Policies and Procedures – DONE for you
  • ●  A Business Plan – DONE for you
  • ●  Curriculum – DONE for you
    • ○  Lecture notes
    • ○  Lesson plans
    • ○  Student handouts
    • ○  Exams
    • ○  Quizzes
  • ●  Contracts – DONE for you
  • ●  Equipment Research – DONE for you
  • ●  Book Research – DONE for you
  • ●  Research through your state process to open a vocational school – DONE for you
    • ○ State, city, and county rules and regulations
  • ●  Red tape through the school credentialing process – DONE for you
  • ●  Instructor training – DONE for you
  • ●  Marketing processes and systems – DONE with you
    • ○ Including social media, e-mail funnels, networking, etc.
  • ● Managing your current business or job – WE ARE HERE WITH YOU
    • ○ You will have a point-of-contact person to help guide you through the process

Frequently Asked Questions

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