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Massage School Curriculum – Done For You

When pondering the idea of opening your own massage school, it’s likely you’ve considered the enormity of the task of writing the massage school curriculum.  “How will I ever be able to create a curriculum for my school that meets all of the state requirements… where do I even begin?”  It’s an overwhelming undertaking, and we don’t blame you for letting this be a major obstacle to pursuing your dream of becoming a massage school owner.  We get it.  It’s a big job.

But here’s some good news: At Bodymechanics Institute, we’ve taken care of the massage school curriculum for you. You heard that right.  Seven hundred hours of curriculum – done for you.

Our 700-hour curriculum not only prepares your students to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx), but more importantly, it prepares them to be extraordinary massage therapists.  

Our curriculum is designed to build layers of knowledge upon a solid foundation of the massage fundamentals. The courses offered in the massage program include:  1. Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathology (APP), 2. Kinesiology (KIN), 3. Massage Theory & Practice (MTP), 4. Clinical Business Practices (CBP), 5. Pathology & Treatment (PTR), and 6. Student Clinic (SCL).  

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What’s Included?

Our curriculum is up-to-date with current texts and practices.  Each course has its own syllabus, lesson plan, lecture notes, power points, worksheets, quizzes, and exams.  The only thing you need to do is customize it with your own school logo!

Our team has created everything – from curriculum, to policies and procedures (that are state specific), to forms and to schedules. We share the information with you via DropBox for you to download once you are an approved school.

But, what if I want to change it?

We’ve thought about that too… The inevitable question: “So what happens if, three or four years from now, I’m really inspired by something new I’ve just learned, and I want to add this new knowledge to my curriculum?”  

Are you aware that each state has its own rules as to how much of the curriculum you can alter before you are required to formally submit those changes for approval?  These are the sorts of details that we cover in your 5 days of training where you’re immersed in the behind-the-scenes goings on of an established massage school.  

What about requirements for attendance, and how many questions a student can miss on an exam before they’re required to do a re-take?  We do this research for you and we customize your school’s policies to meet your state’s requirements.  We do all of this for you.

Why?  Why do we do all of this for you?  Because we are committed to the massage and bodywork profession, and we are committed to your success as a massage school owner.  Preparing you for that role is our number one priority. 

We’ve helped school owners already in Kentucky, California and Washington. We are ready to help you launch your dream massage school. Steps to get started include a simple phone call to 360-350-0015 and we can have a zero hassle, free phone call.

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Shari Aldrich, LMT