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Massage School Owner

If you’ve wanted to be a Massage School Owner, but have been unsure of how to get started, keep reading.

The Bodymechanics Institute was born out of a desire to help massage therapists open their own massage school – quickly, using our done-for-you system.

Case Study

Valerie Smothers, LMT of Benton, Kentucky wanted to have her own massage school for years. She began her journey in massage at Sun Touch Massage School in 1999 – but received her license in 2005. Sometimes life takes you on a journey that you weren’t prepared for… but dedication and determination will always bring you back to your dream.

Val Smothers, LMT
Valerie Smothers, LMT

Val has been a therapist and instructor of massage for years. She previously taught at Daymar College in Paducah, KY and it was there she realized that she loved teaching massage.

Recognizing that her community needed a quality massage school, Val set out to make her dream a reality and opened her own massage school using Bodymechanics Institute to help with the heavy lifting while she continued to massage her clients.

Val signed on with Bodymechanics Institute in October, 2018 and we began the process getting her application completed and sent to the Kentucky education board. While waiting for approval, our team helped her build her marketing collateral – logo, biz cards, and rack cards. She came to Tumwater WA and received training from our team.

Agonizing months elapsed as she awaited her license to operate a massage school – with many phone calls to check the status of her application happening each week. This step is outside our control and we find ourselves at the mercy of bureaucracy and schedules.

Once approved by the education board, her application was then sent on to the Kentucky Board of Massage where she received her license to operate a massage school shortly thereafter.

She is set to launch – just 10 short months after she signed her contract to work with Bodymechanics!

From Val:

Brandi, vice chair, said it was one of the best looking, well organized applications that she has ever seen. There were NO questions just a motion to approve & she looked at me & said “you’re approved”

Thank you so much for all that you have done so far. You really have made this a great experience.

Committed to your success –

Shari Aldrich, LMT
Bodymechanics Institute