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Mission & Vision

Bodymechanics Vision and Mission Statement

Why do we have both a vision and mission statement?

Kinesiology Class

In simplest terms, the Bodymechanics vision and mission statements give our staff guidelines on how to serve the folks we
do business with. We believe this is relevant for you and the clients you serve.

The Bodymechanics vision defines our future of what we want to achieve over time. Our vision is to evolve and inspire those
who share our passion for massage therapy – near and far. Bodymechanics believes in supporting our school owners
and the students they serve by manifesting our core values and working to reach our global goal.

Bodymechanics seeks to position itself to become the premier massage school in the United States. Our global goal is to increase
exposure to massage therapy by the general public to 20% at a once a month massage by 2025.

To put this in perspective with today’s standards: there are 90,000 massage therapists as of 2012 in the US. With our population
of 313 million people in the US, each of those 90,000 massage therapists would have to massage almost 700 clients
per month to keep up with the population at just one session per month.

By 2025, Bodymechanics vision is to grow exposure to massage therapy and engage at least 20% of the US population. We can
only accomplish this by continuing to innovate and implement change, and helping others realize this mission by offering
an advanced school curriculum helps us reach our global goal. We are focused on mentoring school owners to help them
cultivate, develop, and foster long-lasting relationships with students and the community.

Our mission is create exceptional massage practitioners with a solid foundation in advanced bodywork techniques. Qualified massage school graduates are in high demand. Our mission is to teach school owners to train students in
what matters most. Graduates of your school using our program will have the skills and experience upon graduation
to become a valued component of clients’ healthcare goals.

We believe the learning environment should be both fun and stimulating and as such, we’ve designed the curriculum to engage
students through integration of individual learning styles. Our curriculum is designed for your student’s success,
even if they’re returning to an academic setting after a long break.

The guiding beacon of our vision is our mission statement, which states:

The mission of the Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage is twofold:

  • To advance and promote the field of therapeutic massage through the generation of diverse, competent and well respected professional
    massage practitioners.
  • To promote understanding within the general public of the value of massage therapy as a highly effective healthcare modality
    through interaction with staff and students in Student Clinic and fieldwork.

Bodymechanics Core Values

  • Create exceptional massage therapists
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills
  • Embrace, encourage and drive change
  • Exceed expectations
  • Operate on our 4 pillars of success: technique, marketing, communication and critical thinking skills
  • Instill confident massage therapists
  • Create a fun learning environment
  • Communicate effectively
  • Instill pride of ownership

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