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Open a Massage School

Open a Massage School

If you’ve ever asked yourself “how do I open my own massage school?” this is for you. Running your own massage school might sound too good to be true but I’m going to show you how you can see less clients, work less hours, but earn more –a whole lot more.

There are many reasons for massage therapists or chiropractors to want to open a massage school.
Some reasons may include:

  • Working too many hours, feeling burned out
  • Earning a less than desired income
  • Injury that is affecting your career
  • You don’t have a retirement plan
  • You want to teach and share your passion for massage
  • You want to help others find their passion
  • Considering a hands-on approach to retirement
  • Looking for financial freedom & success
  • You want to be the boss
  • Looking for a good return on investment
  • Looking for the next career move

Ready to leave the office and enjoy life.

Being a massage therapist or chiropractor is tough. Keeping your office full of clients is hard work! Add in the elements of your practice – such as billing insurances, scheduling conflicts, staffing problems, follow-up with insurance companies, phone calls to return, marketing – the list goes on and on.Managing your private practice presents all kinds of challenges – and if you’re injured, stressed, broke or bored with your current situation – you might be at the end of your rope. Or, perhaps you’re an employee not getting a say in the number of hours you work, the clients scheduled with you, competitive co-workers, low paying jobs, or you’re ready to move on to the next level.

There’s got to be a better way.

If you’re reading this, you’ve considered how to open your own massage school.  I’m excited to tell you about the Bodymechanics Institute and how we can help you, but before I explain the system, allow me to introduce myself first.

My name is Shari Aldrich and I’m a massage therapist and owner of two massage schools in Western Washington, as well as owner of a Personal Trainer school.

I’m a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and a Board Member for the Visiting Nurse Foundation which is a charity that helps hospice patients.  I graduated from massage school in 2006.

I opened my own private practice right away and knew two things about what my future goals were:
– I didn’t want to work for anyone ever again, and
– Earn as much money as I did in my former career as an IT  Director.

I was hired on as an Assistant Instructor from the massage school I graduated from, Bodymechanics School of Myotherapy & Massage about 3 months after graduation.

I started massaging as many clients as I could – often working on current students in the school and their family members. Fast forward a few years. I was now a lead instructor at the school and traveling around the country with the owner of the school and had a successful massage practice that met my requirements (earning more money that I did as an IT Director, and I was my own boss.)

In 2009, the economy was deep in recession. The school owner decided to close the school as students were unable to get loans for tuition. As soon as he made that decision, I started asking what I could do to keep the school open. I loved teaching.

I also knew one very important element.
Bodymechanics graduates could stand up to seasoned massage professionals right out of school. The curriculum was good and the proof was in graduate success. I took over management of the school 6 months after he closed it and became the official owner in July, 2010.

I started out much smaller than the previous owner. Since the school was officially closed, I had to work very hard to gain recognition again. I worked hard in those early days – figuring out systems to get the word out about the school, negotiating a cash based tuition system all while maintaining my private massage practice and teaching at the school.

When I purchased the school, I gained 4 things:
1. Curriculum
2. Website
3. Phone number
4. State trust fund fee had already been paid (a 10 year process in Washington State)

The rest I had to figure out on my own.

Things like marketing the school, updating the website, hiring and training staff, managing the school, managing students, tweaking the curriculum that didn’t match the direction I wanted the school to go, outdated curriculum, new testing system nationally, and so much more.

I also had a commitment to pay off the purchase price of the school within 24 months and this amounted to what people pay to buy a house and take 30 years to pay!
Just a little pressure to do it all.
My first class had 6 students. The next class 7. Then we hit 9 students. It was exhilarating. I was offering a 600-hour program in 8 months for $9571 tuition.

Paying the purchase price came out of tuition so it really became imperative that I bring in the students to make it happen. More importantly, I was living my dream. I was massaging clients every day, I was teaching, I was learning how to manage the school, and I was developing systems to continue to grow the program. Over the period of 5 years, I’ve polished the curriculum and format to perfection. I’ve ironed out kinks.

Most importantly, I replicated the program 100 miles away from me with my second campus and the growth has been much faster than my first school. Our first class in the second location had 5 students. Second class 10 students. Third class 10 students. This is more impressive in that the name of the school had never been heard of before in the community.

Why this is absolutely the Perfect Passive Income Business For Massage Therapists and Chiropractors

When I started out in massage therapy, I never considered that I would someday own my own massage school. But, without a doubt it has unquestionably been the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Being part of the future of massage therapy is exhilarating. I’ve gone through every kind of personal and professional challenges from 2013-2015 and owning the massage school really saved me – and truly is a gift that allows me to continue to grow.

You see, in 2013, I suffered a traumatic finger amputation, (which tore the tendon out of my arm along with blood vessels and nerves) while participating in one of the biggest mud run obstacle courses in the world. I was also going through a divorce at the time and in my late 40’s. I was unable to massage my clients for about 18 months as I healed. The school tuition income allowed my business to continue. I didn’t need to go out and seek a second job as I healed.

I understand injury and its effect on your massage practice.
I understand the financial implications of not being able to massage.
I understand the fear of personal stress.
I understand the fear of the future.

The injury became the greatest catalyst for change in my professional career. It’s freed me up to focus on my bigger vision. Opening the second campus was directly related to having time to manage a growing business. Offering a system to help YOU open your own massage school that is based on success is directly related to my bigger mission to help take 1 million people out of pain by 2025.

The Bodymechanics Institute System

Our tried and true system makes opening your own massage school as painless as possible. Of course, you have to put in the work, and learn just as I did – the difference is that I am offering you a done-for- you-system and will guide you through the process of opening your school. And the purchase price is 50% less than what I paid for the program in 2010!
Our system includes:

  • Full curriculum
    • Lecture notes
    • Student handouts
    • Quizzes
    • Exams
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Student Handbook
  • Instructor Training
  • 3-5 day on-site Training with our team
  • Best practices for marketing, e-mail, newsletters and website
  • Guidance through the approval process with your state
  • Plus more

Every point is covered, cutting your time down to open your own massage school to mere months rather than years to develop your own curriculum. Students who enroll in our program love our program. To date, Bodymechanics has graduated close to 1000 students and the results have been fantastic.

Best yet, our system is a one-time purchase price. After the initial investment, you keep the profit and grow your school. I offer in-house financing for those who want to work directly with me to pay the school purchase price. But don’t worry, after you are up and running, I am here to advise you and offer 2 tickets to our annual Massage Business Success Summit.

We offer the anti-franchise massage school system that gets you up and running quickly, trains you and your staff thoroughly and then steps back, unless you call us.

As I’m sure you are aware, massage therapy is a growing field, and projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is projected to grow 22% faster than average and the demand for massage services is growing. If you’ve experienced the frustration of hiring quality massage therapists, when you open your own massage school you will be the first option for most of your students and you get to pick the best that you want to hire based on how they were as a student: professional, attendance, aptitude, client feedback, and more.Don’t wait another day.

If you’ve considered opening your own massage school, our system will get you running quickly. Perhaps you’re wondering if you should do your own system. You could try – but trust me, it will take years to finesse and build the financial security you desire. The good news is that I have already blazed the trail for you.

Pain Points solved – our system includes
The Bodymechanics system will help guide you through the process by:
A roadmap to get you from beginning to end – DONE for you
Standard Operating Procedures – DONE for you
Policies and Procedures – DONE for you
Curriculum – DONE for you
o Lecture notes
o Lesson Plans
o Student Handouts
o Exams
o Quizzes
o Etc.
Contracts – DONE for you
Equipment Research – DONE for you
Book Research – DONE for you
Research through your state process to open a vocational school – DONE for you
Red tape through the school credentialing process – DONE for you
Instructor training – DONE for you
Marketing guidance
Doing it alone while managing your current business or job – WE ARE HERE WITH YOU

Your will have a point of contact person to help guide you through the process

One of the points that makes this program work so well is that I have been coached by the best marketing minds around. I’ve mentored with Dan Sullivan, Craig Ballantyne, Bedros Keuilian, Yanik Silver, and Sara Blakely. I put their advice to use in structuring your Massage School marketing best practices plan. I spend a lot of money of my education, and I pass that knowledge on to those people I work with.

Shari Aldrich, LMT
Bodymechanics Institute