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Massage School Program

How our program can help you open a massage school

I talk to massage therapists every day who struggle with the lack of quality massage education in their community – whether there isn’t a school, or the school there isn’t meeting the demands of the local work force. We all know the reality, the quality of education has decreased over the years as the small, passionate massage schools have been pushed around by the larger for-profit programs that opened large schools and graduated hundreds of students each year.  

Larger class sizes led with a corporate mentality was a recipe for disaster. Many of these large, for-profit massage schools were closed by the federal government.  

Wellness clinics, spas, and chiropractor offices are feeling the pinch as they try to hire competent massage therapists in a very tight employment market. Massage therapists have a strong desire to change the paradigm and open their own massage school, yet seem overwhelmed by the requirements.

The answer has seemed elusive to many massage therapists who have roadblocks:

• Limited time and money to build their school

• Not understanding regulations and the processes to opening a school

• Unsure on how to build curriculum – it takes years!

• Unsure on how to recruit students in todays economy

If you’re a seasoned massage therapist, chiropractor, or an  entrepreneur, who wants to start a massage school, read on. The Bodymechanics program has been developed to help people like you start a massage school . If you want to start a massage school, but are not sure where to begin, our program will help you get started.


Our Unique Program Helps You Get Started

Demand for high-quality massage therapists has never been higher in this country. Massage school owners have an opportunity to be part of one of the fastest growing professions, year after year, in the United States. As the need grows, the demand for qualified massage therapists will continue to grow. At Bodymechanics Institute, we recognize this important need – and we’ve put together a done-for-you system that will help you quickly open your own massage school using a tried and true program and full support through the process with our team of experts.

You can count on our support and guidance to help you operate and manage your massage school. From the first day of signing the agreement, to the day you submit your application to your state, we are with you every step of the way.

Bodymechanics will guide you through the process of getting approved in your state to provide massage therapy education. Once you sign on to our program, we begin with researching the laws in your state – while at the same time, coordinating with YOU to learn about your specific program goals.
Our curriculum is flexible and as such we can develop a program to meet your needs – with our core program at 650 hours and options up to 1000 hours, and it will meet your specific state requirements.

We offer done-for-you massage curriculum. This includes lecture notes, power point presentations, student handouts, quizzes and exams that will be used to educate students attending your school. We create student handbooks, course catalog, operations manual and policies and procedures – all designed to offer guidance to you, the school owner.

Rest easy knowing that your school will be set up with students success in mind.


Massage School Program

Our Phases

Our goal is to help you succeed. Your success is our success. 
We offer four phases to the onboarding:

  • Visualize – in this phase, we get to know each other, from Zoom meetings to checking references. This is where the agreement is signed, and we get started. You receive Phase 1 Get Started documents.
  • Personalize – in this phase, we are reviewing your state regulations while you are setting your class lists and how many hours your program will be.
  • Customize – in this phase, we are doing the heavy lifting for you, we are building your program – including catalogs, contracts, policies & procedures as well as the application to your state. We are also creating a business plan for you to use as you see fit – and customizing your curriculum for your school.
  • Finalize – as the name implies, we are completing your program. We upload your school files to Dropbox and set up final meetings and instructions for you to submit your documents to your state.
We offer you “best practices” that will guide you through how to get your school message out to your community based on our 10+ years of experience.  
We’ve seen it all over the past 13 years – and our goal is to teach you the lessons we’ve learned so that you don’t have to go through the same challenges.

That said, we do offer help with a team that will help you and guide you as you navigate school ownership. As a recent new school owner said, our work is very professional and that is why she chose to work with Bodymechanics.  We are with you every step of the way.

Our Training

Join Shari Aldrich, Licensed Massage Therapist and school owner in Tumwater WA, along with other key team members such as enrollment and campus coordinators, for 5-7 day on-board training at our facility. This training is offered three times per year, in February, May and August. During this training, we will cover topics such as – the student journey, the enrollment process, school operations, marketing strategies and more. Our comprehensive training includes 32-hour instructor training (see below).


As you get ready to launch, we will help you train your instructors to the curriculum and teaching methodology in our training center.

Topics include:

        • The adult learner
  • Classroom management
  • How to accommodate different learning preferences
  • Expectations in teaching
  • Ethics of teaching – including professional boundaries
  • The engaging instructor – part instructor / part entertainer
  • How to teach hands-on classes
  • Evaluations
  • Expectations
  • Plus More

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